Employee Volunteering

Mirae Asset Volunteer Corps

The aim of Mirae Asset’s Volunteer Corps is to ‘give something back to our communities’ and to offer a helping hand, whenever and wherever needed. Our Volunteer Corps share a strong sense of social responsibility and make it their mission to support the less fortunate in society.

Since its establishment, the work of Mirae Asset Park Hyeon Joo Foundation has been aimed at alleviating the problems of people in need – so that they may look to the future with hope. The foundation has established support and sponsorship programs for adolescent heads of families, children being raised by their grandparents, and elderly who live alone. At Mirae Asset employees are encouraged to participate in voluntary work; helping others and enriching our own lives too.

We continue to strengthen our efforts to embed a culture of volunteering within our company by encouraging proactive social contributions. Our commitment to making a better society where everyone can enjoy life is unwavering, and it will only strengthen and expand.

“We open our hearts to people pushed to the outskirts of society,
giving them the chance for a new future.”