Hedge Funds

The Hedge Fund Division aims to yield stable returns by managing volatility and maintaining a low correlation with the market over the long term.

Competitive Edge & Key Features 

Utilizing extensive and proprietary quantitative models Mirae Asset employs a multi-strategy approach, wherein fund managers specialized in fixed income, equities and foreign exchange cooperate with one another, to provide our clients with stable returns within a managed level of risk.

Since 2006, the Hedge Fund Division at Mirae Asset has produced stable yields as a result of pursuing absolute returns. Since the introduction of hedge funds in Korea, the division was reorganized to solely take charge of hedge fund operations, launching and managing three hedge funds.  

Key Investment Strategy 

The Hedge Fund Division mainly utilizes fixed income arbitrage and relative value investment strategies that are quant-driven in order to systematically evaluate macro-economic environments. The division also employs event-driven strategies alongside differentiated and contrarian ideas to invest in a variety of asset classes across equities, fixed income, bonds with warrants and derivatives.