flagship strategies

Since our first fund launch in 1998, we have diversified our line-up by building our global investment network as well as our product breadth. We have now become one of the largest fund managers in Asia on the back of our expertise in emerging market investments.

  • Great Consumer Strategy
    Strategy built around the Long-term sustainable investment theme and mega trend of rising consumption growth across Asia, the Emerging Markets as well as globally. The strategy goes beyond the traditional consumer sectors, differentiated by taking a more flexible, nuanced investment approach looking at a wide spectrum of themes such as tourism, gaming, snacking, local tastes and internet technology trends, as Asia and other Emerging markets step up to the next level of consumption.

    Asia Great Consumer GEM/Global Great Consumer

  • Sector Leader Strategy
    Strategy focused on “sector leading” companies, as well as aiming to identify early winners in industries that are likely to benefit from the broad growth across the emerging markets spectrum and exhibit sustainable competitiveness at reasonable valuations. Providing both stability and growth opportunities, which may have existing or potential leading advantages in different ways such as market share, competitive technology, brand recognition, etc.

    Asia Sector Leader GEM Sector Leader

  • Growth Strategy
    Strategy that aims to capitalize on the intersection of mid/long-term secular growth of the emergence of the Emerging Market middle class, ageing population, and innovative technology development for high conviction plays in IT, Healthcare, E-Commerce, and the Great Consumer. Targeting companies considered to be in a high growth phase, which look set to enjoy share price re-ratings, which is expected to result in a bias towards SME companies in sectors such as consumer, healthcare and e-commerce.
  • Global Dynamic Bond Strategy
    We believe that managing global fixed income for total return is best done dynamically, using a top-down macroeconomic approach. Utilizing our fixed income professionals across the globe, making top-down appraisals of the markets and actively allocating to what we believe are the most attractive risk-return tradeoffs in the developed and emerging markets: (1) An opportunistic emerging markets-focused portfolio with a total return objective, benchmark-agnostic (2) Uses dynamic allocation to aximize risk-adjusted return (3) Focuses on capital appreciation when yields don't support increased risk, allocating to defensive, developed markets debt.


  • Exchange Traded Funds
    Our global platform of 180+ ETFs offered in 6 countries enables us to provide our clients access to diverse low-cost, liquid, and transparent ETFs. We have been recognized as pioneers in the space with our range of covered call, active/smart beta, leveraged/inverse, and tailored innovative products.

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  • Alternative Investments
    Strategies across multi asset/hedge funds, premier real estate, renowned private equity, and infrastructure capabilities. We have been a market leading fund house that spearheaded the development of alternative investment since 2004.

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