Mirae Asset invests in companies with sustainable competitiveness, which best captures the growth opportunities, while managing long-term risks.

  • Global Network

    Mirae Asset’s equity products are powered by its global network of dedicated investment professionals based in strategic locations throughout the developed and emerging markets. We operate independently and manage a wide range of products including Emerging Market, Asia, and Global equity funds.

  • Bottom up Fundamental Analysis

    Our investment philosophy is centered on generating value for investors. We believe that returns can be achieved by identifying the sustainable competitiveness of companies via bottom-up, fundamental analysis. Stable cash flow and earnings growth will lead to rising share prices as these companies add considerable value over time.

  • Long-term Active Management

    We use extensive bottom-up research to identify good quality companies and add value from active management. Our process involves intensive and ongoing scrutiny at the company level, with low turnover of portfolios. We are long-term investors and feel that our investment process is the best guide to the prospects of a company and its inherent value.

  • Our Approach to Risk Management

    We incorporate risk management at every stage of our investment process, with our investment team working alongside risk management to pinpoint risk at all levels. Our portfolios represent best investment ideas, reflecting in-depth, fundamental research.


  • Sector Leader Strategy

    Strategy focuses on “sector leading” companies and aims to identify early winners in industries that are likely to benefit from the broad growth across the emerging markets spectrum and exhibit sustainable competitiveness at reasonable valuations. This strategy provides both stability and growth opportunities, which may have existing or potential leading advantages in different ways such as market share, competitive technology, brand recognition, etc.

  • Great Consumer Strategy

    Strategy is built around the long-term, sustainable investment theme and mega trend of rising consumption growth across Asia, Emerging Markets, as well as the globe. The strategy goes beyond the traditional consumer sectors, differentiated by taking a more flexible, nuanced investment approach looking at a wide spectrum of themes. Tourism, gaming, snacking, local tastes and internet technology trends in Asia are beginning to step up to the next level of consumption.

  • Growth Strategy

    Strategy aims to capitalize on the intersection of mid-to-long-term secular growth of the emerging market middle class, ageing population, and innovative technology development for high conviction plays in IT, healthcare, e-commerce, and the Great Consumer. Targeting companies in a high growth phase, which are expected to enjoy share price re-ratings, the strategy is expected to result in a bias towards companies in sectors such as consumer, healthcare and e-commerce.


We mainly focus on bottom-up research, so we are not seeking to exploit market or behavioral anomalies. However, analysis of macro aspects is considered when evaluating each company at the initial stages of the bottom-up research. Also, when portfolio managers execute orders, they put market conditions into consideration.

We believe a successful company has competitive advantages in terms of market positioning, business model, corporate governance, and financial strength. The best way to identify companies with sustainable competitiveness is by attaining an in-depth understanding of the firm’s fundamentals through vigorous bottom-up analysis and research.

  • Quantitative
  • Fundamental
  • Model Portfolio
  • Final Portfolio
  • Investment Universe

    Investment Universe created through quantitative screening based on:

    • Liquidity
    • Financial criteria
    • Business criteria
  • Research and Stock Selection

    Final Portfolio is constructed via stock selection from Model Portfolio and Portfolio Manager discretion

    • Sustainable competitiveness
    • Identification of key growth and profit drivers
    • Earnings and cash flow forecasts
    • Valuation
    • Risk Assessment

    Review & Finalization of MP by Investment Committee

  • Final Portfolio

    Final Portfolio is constructed via Stock selection from Model Portfolio and Portfolio Manager discretion