• A Culture of Collaboration

    Our culture encourages ideas, innovation and healthy debate. Whatever the role within the firm, you will have an impact and your opinion will be valued from your first day on the job. Additionally, job competency training and learning & development opportunities are offered regularly to ensure that each individual is productive and advancing towards their career goal. Our corporate culture is inspired by our business principles:

  • Taking Responsibility

    Whatever their level in the organization all Mirae Asset employees take responsibility for their decisions and actions.

  • Working Within a Process

    Mirae Asset works along a systematic process-driven way. As a firm we are not swayed by a single individual or division. Decision-making is driven by fact and data while strict risk management is crucial for the firm’s integrity.

  • Dedicated to Ethical Principles

    Mirae Asset conforms to all the laws and ethical principles that govern us.

  • Efficient and Practical

    Mirae Asset’s success is based on the efficient distribution of our resources through synergy and integration.

  • We Care About Our People’s Success

    Mirae Asset nurtures its employees to be the most competitive in the industry. We operate a true meritocracy where fair opportunity is given to all. Cliques are actively discouraged.

  • Respect for the Individual

    While we are stronger together as a team, we respect individual differences.

If you feel that Mirae Asset can offer you the growth opportunities and career path that are right for you, please select your location and connect with the respective human resources contact point.
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Kevin Beatson (Human Resources)
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