Mirae Asset’s disciplined fixed income investment process, supplemented by our proprietary management systems, enable us to offer a wide array of fixed income products and solutions.

These are designed to fulfill market demands for stable long-term performance and spearhead the fixed income industry with best-in-class innovation.

  • Global Network

    Mirae Asset has extensive resources devoted to its fixed income capability, with a global team headquartered in New York, operating in four international cities. Mirae Asset’s team of global fixed income portfolio managers, macro analysts and credit analysts collaborate to identify shifts in underlying credit fundamentals and evaluate the risk-adjusted attractiveness of varied fixed income investments.

  • Dynamic Investing

    We believe that with diligent macroeconomic research, optimum risk-adjusted returns can be achieved by adjusting a portfolio's exposure to different types of bonds. Capital preservation is achieved through diversification, market analysis and risk management. This style of fixed income investing is described as top-down approach, with personnel and infrastructure devoted to macroeconomic research focusing on both EM and DM sovereign debt issuers.


  • Global
    Market Evaluation
  • Asset Allocation
  • Portfolio
  • Performance Analysis
  • Risk Management